Monday, 1 December 2014

Seriously, it's a bridge

I am a little baffled. What is it that seems to attract so many people to this place? It is a bridge, it is no different from the many other bridges out there, yet for some reason people seem to go crazy over this particular bridge to the point that when one goes to Sydney one seems to have to get a photo of themselves with the bridge in the background:

Me before the Harbour Bridge
This was originally for a dating site

Maybe there is something romantic about it, I really don't know, but still, it is a bridge, much the same as this:

Brooklyn Bridge
Yep, this is also a bridge.
or this:

Golden Gate Bridge
Well, it certainly is a long bridge
Okay, that one is a nice colour, but our bridge is, well, grey. In fact it is a really dark grey. Maybe we should paint it a different colour:

Harbour Bridge Flourescent Green
Got to love my photo shop skills (or lack thereof)
But if we were to do that I suspect millions of people would get really upset that a landmark has been defaced (though I would still take a photo of it and post it up on Facebook).
Okay, you can climb it, and it seems like lots of people do that, though there are much better things to climb than a bridge:

Mount Everest
Mind you, climbing the bridge is probably a lot cheaper
Well, okay, I have no plans on making that climb, but it would be preferable to a bridge.
Granted, the bridge has launched the careers of some famous stars:

Paul Hogan
This guy started out telling jokes
Maybe the bridge is so popular is because it was the first bridge to span Sydney Harbour, as well as being a feat of modern engineering. I do agree, for the time, it certainly was a feat of human ingenuity.
However, if you really want to see a bridge, there are actually much older, and much more aesthetic, bridges to visit:

Ponte Vecchio - Florence
A place for all your jewellery needs

The Magre Burg in Amsterdam
No, this is not a coffeeshop

However, if you can't afford a European holiday (and to be honest with you, who can), I guess there is always our bridge. Who knows, you might even see a train crossing it.

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Paul Hogan Photo: source: Wikimedia Commons, use permitted under Creative Commons Attribution generic 2.0

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